Grape of the week – Malbec

16. Februar 2015 • Grape of the week • Views: 382

The Malbec grape has its origin in the Cahors region in France where it is still cultivated under the name Côt. Immigrants brought the grape to Argentina. Since Argentina provides ideal conditions for the cultivation of Malbec, it became the most cultivated grape in the country. While the grape is very sensitive to colder temperatures, it produces dark, intensely ripe and long-living wines in the warm climate of Argentina with softer tannins and stronger fruit flavors than in France.

Mendoza, the most important wine region in Argentina, is located at the foot of the Andes and offers excellent climatic conditions and an ideal terroir, optimal prerequisites to produce internationally acclaimed premium wines.

Malbec wines are characterized by an inky-black color and high acidity. Although Malbec wines aren’t as popular as wines made from many other red wine varieties, their popularity on the international export markets is continuously growing.  welcome and highly appreciated!!



High Acidity



Plums, cherries, currants, raspberries

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