• 7. Februar 2018 • News • Views: 130

    The secret of „Everyday Wines“

    There are wines that have a place in every home. They are great with a pasta on Wednesday nights, the right choice to bring to a friend’s house for a casual dinner and it is no tragedy if you use them to cook with: They are enjoyable...

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  • 20. Dezember 2017 • News • Views: 132

    Heavenly Alto Adige – Great Wines, Pleasure and Lifestyle

    Surrounded by Austria and Italy, there is a very charming place: Alto Adige or South Tyrol. Although South Tyrol actually belongs to Italy, it is different. Different in terms of language, in terms of living and eating as well as in terms...

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  • 8. November 2017 • News • Views: 152

    Top 10 Wine Producing Countries

    Recently, the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) released the new statistics on the world’s wine production 2016 and I believe it is worth sharing these information with you. Although wine is produced in more than 60 (!)...

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  • 13. Juni 2017 • News • Views: 163

    How to make your wine estate acquisition a smart decision

    Some tips for would-be vintners Part two of our “Vineyard Investment Series” Buying a vineyard, planting vines, harvesting the grapes, making good wine and finally sell the wine. Sounds like a solid strategy. But building and operating...

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  • 23. März 2017 • News • Views: 178

    You want to buy a Vineyard?

    Try to imagine the satisfaction of walking down row upon row of sun-blessed vines, watching your grapes ripen. And then, later on, enjoying the results of your labor. Many wine lovers have the dream of owning a vineyard or winery but few...

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  • 1. Dezember 2016 • News • Views: 191


    ORANGE WINE FINE WINE OR JUST A GIMMICK? What is “Orange Wine”? The term “Orange Wine” is a bit misleading as Orange Wine is not a wine made from oranges nor is it a kind of cocktail. It is something completely different. In short...

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  • 26. Oktober 2016 • News • Views: 222

    A wine region worth discovering- the Douro Valley

    Looking for a weekend getaway in Europe– the Douro Valley in the northern part of Portugal is always a good choice. The scarcity of tourists and not too large countryside make the hinterlands a perfect place to let your body and soul...

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  • 18. September 2016 • News • Views: 222

    High Altitude Vineyards- privilege or marketing?

    At high altitudes, the air is dry, the weather often sunny and breezy. Ideal conditions for winegrowing? Let’s have a closer look at some famous high altitude vineyards and if the advantages of winegrowing in the mountains outweigh the...

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  • 2. August 2016 • News • Views: 222

    Gutedel – a grape variety with history

    Gutedel, Chasselas, Fendant, Viviser, Mornen – there are many synonyms across the world showing the long history of this grape variety. Experts debated about its true origin for centuries. A rumour is going that Chasselas originated from...

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  • 27. Juni 2016 • Grape of the week, News • Views: 225

    Malbec – a great wine with a long heritage

    When thinking of Malbec, the beautiful wine region Mendoza in Argentina, located at the foot of the Andes first comes in my mind. Although the Malbec grape has its origin in the Cahors region in France, Argentina is now the main producer...

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  • 13. Mai 2016 • News • Views: 222

    5 popular wine myths- humbug or fact?

    Only a wine with a cork closure can be a really good wine! This is only one controversial statement amongst many others that splits wine enthusiasts all over the globe and leads to heated discussions… Let’s have a  look behind the...

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  • 17. Dezember 2015 • Expert Talks, News • Views: 265

    Growing wine in Iceland? – or how climate change affects wine production

    Everyone knows or has experienced the effects of climate change – shortage of water, floodings, melting of the polar ice and so many more… Climate data of the past 100 years show that temperatures warmed roughly 0.85°C (1.53°F),...

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