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  • 13. März 2020 • News • Views: 16

    It smells like terroir

    It seems that everyone is talking about “terroir”. The wine is “characterized by terroir”, as an “expression of its terroir”, the wine smells earthy or mineral. It principally sounds good, but is there any truth in that? Much...

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  • 18. Dezember 2019 • News • Views: 24

    Wein des Monats – Der Verán der Bodega Biniagual aus Mallorca

    Seit ich den Verán der mallorquinischen Bodega Biniagual vor drei Jahren das erste Mal an einem Dinner zum Auftakt der Art Basel getrunken habe, ist er einer meiner Lieblingsweine und ein fester Bestandteil unseres privaten Weinkellers...

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  • 7. November 2019 • News • Views: 32

    Weingüter als Eventlocation gewinnen zunehmend an Bedeutung

    Feiern und Veranstaltungen auf dem Weingut gewinnen zunehmend an Beliebtheit. Den Blick über die sanften Hügel der Weinberge schweifen lassen, abschalten vom beruflichen Alltagsstress und dazu ein Glas des hauseigenen Weins geniessen;...

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  • 18. September 2019 • News • Views: 37

    Lieblingsweingut des Monats- das Familienweingut Davaz in der Bündner Herrschaft

    Der Schweizer geniesst und schweigt. So könnte man die Weinphilosophie der Schweizer beschreiben. Von insgesamt rund 111 Mio. Litern Wein (im Jahr 2018), die in der Schweiz produziert werden, werden nur gerade 1.2 Mio. Liter und damit...

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  • 28. Mai 2019 • News • Views: 57

    Does the size of a wine bottle matter?

    Big bottle, great taste. For many wine enthusiasts larger size wine bottles are something very special. This demonstrates the auction sale at Christies nine years ago. A six liter bottle, called “Impériale”, from Château Cheval Blanc...

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  • 4. April 2019 • News • Views: 59

    Stingy or not? Why you should not fill a wine glass to...

    Yesterday evening, my six year old daughter asked me why I filled only so little red wine in our guests’ glasses. As a good host, she argued, it would make life much easier to fill the glass to the brim so that I don’t have to care...

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  • 27. Februar 2019 • News • Views: 63

    Interessante Weinwebseiten im Fokus

    Wein-Plus- Das Netzwerk wird 20 Jahre „Weinliebhaber, Fachhändler, Winzer, gute Weine und Weinwissen zusammenbringen ist unser Credo”. Das passt übrigens, so Utz Graafmann “inhaltlich gut zu YourWineEstate, die Käufer und...

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  • 14. Februar 2019 • News • Views: 65

    Our team’s favourite wines for Valentine’s Day

    Frauke loves the Lagrein Riserva Taber from South Tyrol, a lovely red wine from the South Tyrolean grape variety “Lagrein”. “With its fruity, smooth taste, for me it is the ideal companion for a romantic dinner for two”. It...

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  • 22. November 2018 • News • Views: 80

    Grapes- Undervalued Powerfood

    Although most grapes are destined for wine barrels, there is plenty enough just for eating and enjoying. With a yearly production of around 76 million tons (for wine, table grapes and raisins), grapes are one of the world’s largest food...

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  • 24. August 2018 • News • Views: 91

    Vintage 2018 – A record-breaking wine year?

    While we enjoy this year’s hot and sunny summer days – and I hope that you do so too - many vintners in the northern hemisphere are already very busy preparing for the grape harvest. Following an extended period of dry, hot weather in...

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  • 19. Juni 2018 • News • Views: 116

    Top 10 Wine Producing Countries of the World

    In 2017, the unfavorable weather conditions especially in western Europe led to a historically low wine production in Europe but also worldwide. According to preliminary estimates of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine)...

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  • 24. April 2018 • News • Views: 112

    Decanting – why do we do it?

    Recently, my uncle from northern Germany went visiting us. With his 80 years of age he is a distinctive gourmet and wine enthusiast… and very much into enjoying Bordeaux wines. To get to the heart of it: he almost only drinks Bordeaux...

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